Sebutkan contoh-contoh kata yang termasuk kedalam Determiner

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    Sebutkan contoh-contoh kata yang termasuk kedalam Determiner ?

    Determiner adalah sebuah kata penentu atau penjelas ayng berfungsi membatasi arti atau mendeskripsikan benda yang berada setelah determiner tersebut

    Berikut merupakan contoh-contoh kata yang termasuk kedalam Determiner :

    A / an (sebuah, seekor, suatu, seorang)
    - nThis is a big cat
    Andri is a director company

    Some (beberapa)
    I have some books

    Any (beberapa)
    Do you have any money?

    Every (setiap)
    Every student have to come on time

    Not any (tidak ada)
    There are not any people in the office

    Several (beberapa)
    I need several students to help me

    Many (banyak)
    There are many people in the small house

    Not many (tidak banyak)
    There are not many questions to answer

    Much (banyak)
    You have much time to finish your work

    No (tidak ada)
    There is no food to eat here

    Few (sedikit, bisa dihitung)
    We have only a few story books for students

    Little (sedikit, tidak bisa dihitung)
    I only have little sugar

    A few (beberapa, bisa dihitung)
    There are a few people who can help us

    A little (sedikit, tidak bisa dihitung)
    We still have a little money to buy food

    A lot of (banyak, untuk benda bisa dihitung maupun tidak bisa dihitung)
    There a lot of participants in this contest. We needa lot of food and drink

    Plenty of (banyak, tak bisa dihitung)
    We need plenty of water for our drink during stay here



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